So Many Uses For The Egg



I work full time doing construction, framing houses, remodeling & renovations, roofing,  so it beats me up pretty good. Two things that help my body heal is sleep and protein. I take tuna and hard boiled eggs with me daily for my lunch.

Then on the weekend I get up early Saturday morning and make breakfast for my wife and kiddos. Normally consisting of scrambled or fried eggs, bacon,  toast, and pancakes! Not to mention as time continues to march on, we are already 5 days into November and heading towards my favorite time of year….cookie season!

All types of cookies, sugar,thumbprints, chocolate chip,and many others! Those are just to name a few of my favorites.

What other food on Earth has so many different uses and provide such much needed healing protein?  I honestly can’t think of another one that is so special as the egg.

And even more incredible is that in most cases it is the very start of life for all things on our planet!

The egg has also been used in science experiments. I remember one assignment we were given we had to be able to find a way to drop an egg from ten feet and have it land safely on the ground without breaking!

Talking about breaking eggs it is even used by hooligans during the Halloween prank season. I have to say the egg is an amazing,  incredible super food that I am thankful that I have had the privilege to eat!


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